Which Marketing Technique Should You Use?

Marketing-Umbrella-DiagramSo you have a business and you want to get it to market, which of the many marketing techniques should you use? One, two, All?

The answer really depends on your offering. Obviously, you would already have used the brand and design aspect to create your business logo and company identity. You have conducted your market research to determine your target audience and demographics. So what next depends on the type of product or service that you are offering.

For example:

If you have a physical product that needs to be seen, touched or tasted to showcase its best quality, then you will need a physical retail store or space.  Be it a quaint little shop on the street level, or a modern see all shop space or within a shopping mall, the choices are endless. However  to find the best location, you would need to do a lot of research.

Location, location and location is key. Take a walk, in fact take lots of walks around the area or neighborhood that you are targeting. See what kind of pedestrian foot traffic there is. Make sure the location offers a catchment where your main target audience will be present. Or else you would have spent your hard earned money wrongly.

Also determining the most appropriate store size is crucial to make it financially viable for you. Go too big and you burn through your setup expenses. Perhaps plan with an option to scaling up is more viable.  Once you have your physical space and it is all fitted out and you are ready for business; you would need advertising and promotions to get the word out. Use a combination of print, digital and promotional collateral distribution, events and other tools. Sponsorship and collaboration with associations groups is also a good way to kick start your business.


Or if you are selling a physical product however do not wish to have a retail space, an E-commerce store is your best option. You can find many different tools and platforms that offer e-commerce capability and are easy to set up. Essentially you will still need your brand identity and logo design, in addition you will need to have a lot of really nice photographs of your products, showing of their best features, a great picture does more good than a thousand words. Using social media to promote your store is the most cost effective however you can use traditional flyers, posters and print advertising to help create more awareness of your online presence.

outdoor group yogaIf you have a service that can be delivered in multiple ways – face to face in your dedicated location or at the customers home or office; in a public space like a park  – i.e. if you are a personal trainer or yoga instructor; then you can advertise to your target audience via social media. Create your company Facebook page and Instagram accounts, LinkedIn is also a good tool depending on the type of service you are offering. Get your presence known online, advertise your services, offer group buy or value added deals, sponsor prizes and so on. Participation in community and association events and activities is also a good way to introduce your services as well as offer trials to encourage first timers to engage with you.


If you are offering a service that requires no initial face to face interaction, and everything can be done via the phone or internet, then you would be looking at a smaller spectrum of tools. Brand identity and logo design to showcase and promote your business, a website and or a Facebook page where you highlight yourself, your services and expertise. Include online booking and payment options.  There are many tools on the internet nowadays that offer this capability for relatively inexpensive fees.



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