What is Advertising?

So what is advertising? There are many different explanations; however the simplest way to define it would be “Advertising is a paid or sponsored communication that aims to inform the public of a product or service; communicate a specific message; make an  announcement that is geared towards influencing the reader/viewer to take a specific action.”

As the advertiser pays for the advertisement, they control over the message, the look and feel of the advertisements, its content and where it is being shared.

Whats are the different types of advertising.

There are many medium where advertising is used, including the following direct methods.

Traditional print : including newspapers, magazines, flyers, newsletters, direct mail, directories, yearbooks, annual reports and so on.

Outdoor : Signage, billboards, posters, banners, bus and train panels, exterior of trucks and other vehicles etc.

Broadcast media : Television, radio, electronic posters etc

New media : websites, social media, blogs, text messaging etc

Some indirect form of advertising include :

Endorsements : using celebrities or well known public figures to endorse products by being shown to use the product or service.


Product placement : products are strategically placed within high traffic view situations like within movies, television shows, in celebrity events or award shows,

Another medium which was the pre-cursor of the modern advertising is word of mouth…before print was invented, advertising was shared by word of mouth which is still an important tool in the marketing toolbox.

Why Advertise?

Advertising is used for various reasons. Branding ads served to create more favorable awareness of the brand being promoted. It is usually emotion driven, using attractive images to evoke a nice positive impression of the brand, product or service. Another method is to show the benefits of what the product or service can offer the user.

Direct response advertising is usually promotion or offer driven and seeks to generate a response in the viewer. To buy, make a reservation, to try, to consume and so on. This type of advertising creates value by offering a great price + value received proposal.

Public service or announcement types of ad serve to inform and educate the public.

public service





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