How do you get free publicity?

Public relations is a way of obtaining publicity for free, or in exchange for a service or product. There are so many different ways to get this, here are some to try:

  1. Write a compelling press release or brief summary of your services or offerings and share it with the right target media. Make sure you do some research so you send the kind of material that the media is looking for. Send directly to the journalist that you know with your pitch on why the story would be of interest to his/her reader.
  2. Share your release on the many free online release distribution or publication sites out there.
  3. Make sure your release is also published on your business website and other relevant accounts.
  4. Write short blurbs with interesting images and post on your personal and business social media pages, for example LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
  5. If you do not already have those pages, you should set them up. Most of the social media platforms are free to set up and are pretty easy to do.
  6. Ask your friends and family to help spread the word by sharing your posts on their feeds, but adding in a comment in their own words.
  7. When you have a great video, share it extensively, this viral reach can offer great exposure for your brand.
  8. Offer to speak or present at events or forums that target your prospective audience. Presentations and speeches at events will give you added credibility and thought leadership in that topic.
  9. Sponsoring prizes or awards at events will also give you free exposure and sometimes free editorial or advertorial space or a display space and logo and brand mention during the event. But make sure you choose events or activities that are related or relevant to your product or service. And events that your specific target audience would be interested in attending.
  10. Offer free trials, viewing or experience to media, celebrity, key opinion leaders or influencer who have a large social media following or group of friends. The objective is for them to try your product / service and write about it (hopefully favorably) and recommend to their friends.
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