Limits exist only in the Mind

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Every once in a while we have days or moments when our self confidence takes a dip and we start to doubt ourselves and our path in life. Everything takes on a dull and grey tone and we find it difficult to move ahead.

When such moments pop up, try this simple tool. It may just help you get back up again.

Ask yourself this question:

“What’s cool about me?”

“What am I great at?”

Write down a list of all the wonderful things that you excel at, be it at work, at home, with your family, your friends, your community and so on.

Some examples to help you get started:

“I love my kids whole heartedly, I encourage them to grow into what they are meant to be, not what I want them to be”

“I am great at multi-tasking”

“I donate money without anyone else knowing”

“I show appreciation to my colleagues every opportunity I get”

Why do this? When life gets us down, our usual automatic reaction is to think of the failures, things that did not work out, the mistakes we have made etc. By asking ourselves “How cool am I”, this changes the way our mind thinks into a much more positive mood.

Once you are finished with the list, take some time to sit down and review it. Read through the items and keep them in your mind, in your heart. Let them sink in and you will realize that you are actually pretty cool and have accomplished a lot, acknowledge and celebrate your successes.

We all have a villain within that tries to bring us down, grabbing every opportunity emerge and claim victory. Each time you feel it rising, shake yourself and remind yourself “I am so cool”….remember your successes and leave aside the failures.

(From the chapter “Awaken the Inner Hero” of Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi)

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