A Shout-out to the aviation industry

Many people have given thanks and praise to medical staff and front-liners in this global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many other industries, companies and individuals who are doing their part as well.

I wanted to give a Shout-out to the aviation industry which is one of the hardest hit during this pandemic. Many airline companies are on the verge of bankruptcy and others have had to take drastic measures to minimize cost in view of nil or negligible revenue.

Yet it is encouraging to see airlines and other aviation related companies stepping up to offer aid, expertise and manpower where needed, sometimes drastically pivoting from their core business.

Here are some examples that I have compiled, please share others that you are aware of so we can all celebrate and give them our support and encouragement. Click on the highlighted sub-headers to read the full articles.

Bravo and Thank you.

Grounded airlines in Malaysia take to the skies to help COVID-19 frontliners

Malaysia Airlines, Firefly and MASwings transported not only returning Malaysians, medical staff and professionals but also face masks, disposable masks, personal protection equipment and ventilators from China to Malaysia as well as domestic routes to support the country’s fights against the pandemic.

COVID-19: Singapore Airlines to provide 300 ‘care ambassadors’ to fill manpower gap at hospitals

Singapore Airlines cabin crew will assist hospitals with administrative support and other non-clinical functions like accompanying patients to washrooms serving meals, managing visitor traffic etc.

British Airways joins the community fight against COVID-19

British Airways volunteers with first aid training and clinical skiils will assist St John Ambulance to support the emergecny response units and the London Ambulance Service in taking calls and other admin functions. Volunteers with the British Red Cross help out at local foodbanks and NHS hospitals  while others will help with prescription collections, droping off food and maintaining contact with those at home.

United Airlines Partners With New York City to Fly Medical Volunteers to Help in COVID-19 Fight

United Airlines is providing free round-trip flights for medical volunteers who fly in from all over the country to help in New York City and the tri-state area which is the hardest hit area in the US.

Laid-Off Flight Attendants Find New Work Fighting COVID-19

Employees from Scandinavian Airlines have been volunteering to help healthcare workers.

UK’s Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet employees are helping with the country’s National Health Service hospitals to help change beds, tend to patients and help doctors and nurses tending the wards.

Lufthansa Airlines has completed almost 130 rescue flights and a Lufthansa Cargo aircraft carrying eight million protective masks on board landed in Munich yesterday. “Especially now, cargo flights are of utmost importance for medical facilities but also for craftsmen and large corporations. We are doing everything we can to maintain supply chains during this crisis and ensure that people receive sufficient supplies.

Embraer brings aviation innovation to the COVID-19 fight

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer is making parts for ventilators and respirators at its facility that are designed to replace imported components. Another initiative is to develop high efficiency filtration systems for transforming regular hospital beds into intensive care beds in partnership with the Albert Einstein Hospital Sao Paulo.

Boeing is also looking at how its plants can produce respirator parts and Airbus has been using its test aircraft to import medical supplies from China.

Textron Aviation now building products for fight against COVID-19

Textron Aviation which normally builds Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft has started manufacturing plastic face shields and cloth face masks that will be provided to the medical community and first responders.

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